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Senior Data Engineer/ Associate Tech Lead

Are you the right fit?

  • A minimum of 7+ years of proven experience as a Data Engineer with a strong background in data lakehouse architecture, ETL processes, and AWS integration.
  • Hands-on experience with data engineering tools and technologies (e.g. AWS Glue).
  • Strong experience with cloud platforms (mainly in AWS) and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes).
  • Strong SQL skills for data manipulation and querying.
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of data governance principles and data privacy regulations is a plus.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Scala, or Java is a plus.

Your role and responsibilities

  • Data Lakehouse Architecture:
    – Design and maintain scalable and efficient data lakehouse architecture.
    – Combine the advantages of data lakes and data warehouses.
    – Implement best practices for data partitioning, indexing, and storage optimization.
  • Data Pipelines:
    – Develop robust data pipelines for data ingestion, transformation, and loading.
    – Utilize various data sources, including S3, AWS Glue, PostgreSQL, RedShift, Lambda, Cloudwatch, AWS Athena, MFT, and AWS Batch.
    – Ensure fault tolerance, scalability, and performance of data pipelines.
  • ETL Processes:
    – Create and manage ETL processes for data cleaning, transformation, and enrichment.
    – Implement data quality checks and monitoring to maintain data integrity.
  • Reverse ETL:
    – Build reverse ETL processes to enable data consumption by operational systems and downstream applications.
    – Facilitate the flow of insights and data back into transactional systems.
  • Data Governance:
    – Implement data governance policies and ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations.
    – Collaborate with data stewards to define data lineage and ownership.

    What you'll get...

    • Salary in $s
    • A friendly, flexible working environment with WFH option
    • Exposure to working with international clients (Singapore)
    • Growing firm, plenty of opportunities for career progression
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