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RedBlocks Technologies, an off-shore information technology service provider in Sri Lanka, is introducing a dollar-pegged salary scheme for its employees. The company has clients in Australia, Hong-Kong and Singapore who makes their payments in AUD, HKD and SGD. As a safe hedge for the current economic inflation in the country, the RedBlocks management has decided to distribute this fringe benefit for all the employees from March 2022 salary onwards.

If you are an employee in the RedBlocks team, you’ll get paid with a salary which is respectively pegged based on your client’s currency.

The RedBlocks’ management always believes that happy and satisfied employees are the greatest asset of an IT company. Therefore, they are always taking care of employees’ well-being and personal growth along with the organizational development.

“We went an extra mile for our employees. With this roll out, the remuneration of our employees is protected against the inflation rate. So, they can still be happy and relaxed while working. This act may maintain the quality of the services to all our clients and it will make the working environment more pleasant for all our employees as well. We believe that this will be a positive trend in the IT industry for protecting the employees. We invite all possible employers out there to be the change!” -Parakrama Rathnayake, Co-Founder of RedBlocks Technologies

Is it really necessary to peg the salaries to international currencies? It is not necessary as long as you can afford the expenses in this economic situation. But the reality is if you are not protected, your income may turn into nothing in one night. This kind of financial wellness actions can eliminate a huge burden from the company workforce.

If you have landed on this page, you should be an amazing member of one of our teams or you are looking for an umbrella to cover from this currency depreciation. We are here for you! We’d like to invite you to Join Us and come-across a hassle free working experience with warm-hearted management. Don’t forget that opportunities are limited!!

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